Organizing Success


My name is Shannon Meshbane. I love to help people clean and organize their homes. I love to find the most beautiful arrangement of furniture and items in each room, and help my clients prioritize their space!  My professional background is in nursing, massage therapy, and dance, and I also have a Bachelor's degree from UT Austin in the Russian Language.


I also happen to be a mom! My entire life I have always loved the satisfaction I receive from cleaning, organizing and decorating. It has become a true passion for me to help others attain the joy and ease from their space that I love to have in my own.  I would absolutely love to help you find clarity, balance & functionality in your space that you are looking for. Together we can work to streamline the project of decluttering organizing & maybe even beautifying your home.  This work has improved my own quality of life as well as that of my clients. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Shannon Meshbane

Organizer to the Stars 

Owner @ LightenUpAustin

owner Shannon Meshbane with her son