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"Shan helped me make my home more serene, like I'd always wanted it to be. She helped me make a list of priorities and identify 3 areas that would change my life if they were to be redone. We worked daily in 4 hour increments, and the progress became contagious throughout my home. Shan made what was an overwhelming process exciting; and the work we did together freed up physical and emotional space to let more beauty into my life. Thank you Shan!" 


Suzanne Sugar 3/12/2018         

"Just had a day with Shans decluttering service. Exactly what I needed to jumpstart my Spring cleaning. Totally recommended!

I'm a recovering mini hoarder and this helped me so much! We organized into categories first:  keep, throw, & to give away. Then we pared down to pictures, keepsakes, and paperwork. I really like how she didn't impose any guilt on me to throw or give anything away. She let me make all the decisions. I ended up with 3 bags of trash and 3 bags of give aways - and a place for everything.

Thank you so much Shannon.


 Penni Wood 2/11/ 2018 

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